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Classic Car Insurance in California

America’s love affair with the automobile has been hot and heavy since the 1950s, and nothing expresses that relationship with our ongoing affinity with classic cars. Here in Pleasanton, CA, area residents are not immune from this attraction, and Miao Insurance Services offers insurance policies that are tailor-made for the classic car owner.

If you are curious about your insurance options when it comes to protecting your classic car, our team of knowledgeable agents at Miao Insurance Services are standing by to answer any questions you may have about insurance that muscle car in the Golden State.

Insuring Your Classic Car in California with Miao Insurance Services

Under California law, the state does not differentiate between vintage, antique, or classic cars, and is eligible for this status if the vehicle was manufactured after 1922 and at least 25 years old. Several factors should be considered when purchasing classic car insurance. Typically speaking, classic car insurance differs from standard insurance in the following ways:

  • Low rates—are charged for classic car coverage because unlike your daily river, classic cars are only driven part-time resulting in lower premiums,
  • Generous miles—can showcase your classic vehicle, and most policies allow for up to 5,000 miles of traveling annually,
  • Agreed value—differs from “actual cash value” in that any payout for a total loss would be based on a pre-agreed amount representing the total value of the vehicle.

Clearly, insuring your classic car allows for several options, and speaking with a Miao Insurance Services representative to get the information you need.

Contact Our Team at Miao Insurance Services

If you have questions regarding insurance requirements for your California registered classic car, our team here at Miao Insurance Services is serving the greater Pleasanton, CA area, and we are ready to answer any questions you might have regarding what it takes to legally go get the road. When it is time to make sure that your classic car has the insurance you need, we invite you to reach out to our team here at Miao Insurance Services to discuss your classic car coverage in California.

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