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Flood And Earthquake Insurance in California

Miao Insurance Services Offers Flood Insurance for California

Flooding is becoming an increasing problem for homeowners, due to a variety of factors. Similarly, earthquakes are becoming more frequent, leading to increased damage to homes. Although many people still think their homeowner's insurance covers these hazards, this is not true. At Miao Insurance Services in Pleasanton, CA, we can provide information on flood and earthquake insurance to defray the cost of unexpected damage.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Individuals living in coastal areas understand the need for flood insurance that result from sudden weather events. However, inland areas can also be affected by flooding caused by weather changes, new developments, and even wildfires. Your mortgage holder may require you to have flood insurance, but it’s a good idea to have this insurance even if your home is fully paid for. Your flood insurance coverage consists of a building component and a content component. Building coverage covers damage to construction materials, appliances, electrical systems, furnace and water heaters, foundations, well tanks, and solar systems. Contents coverage includes damage to clothing, furniture, carpeting, electronics, and other personal items.

Earthquake Coverage

We can also provide earthquake coverage to protect you from losses caused by earthquake events. It will help pay for repairs to your home caused by an earthquake, as well as for damage to personal items. Your policy may also pay for alternate housing while your home is being repaired. Some policies will help pay for upgrades to your home to comply with new earthquake standards.

Make Miao Insurance Services Your Choice For Flood Insurance in California

If you have questions about flood or earthquake insurance, our experienced agents can provide answers to help make a thoughtful decision about your coverage. We offer our clients a range of insurance policies for home, business, auto, and recreational activities. Contact Miao Insurance Services today for your free, no-obligation quote on flood insurance and earthquake that can protect you against financial losses.

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